• Ford is driving into the EV charging sector.

What’s happening with Ford Stock

Ford (NYSE:F) stock was up 2.1% Wednesday, following the auto manufacturer’s disclosure that it’s going even more all-in on electric vehicles.


As Ford confirmed, its new “Ford Pro” commercial division is introducing an all-new collection of commercial charging stations. These charging stations are part of its expanding range of complete, end-to-end commercial charging solutions.

Why We Care

Ford plans on six new “scalable Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC fast chargers” with power capacities ranging from 11.5 to 180 kilowatts to install at residential homes and commercial fleet depots. In addition, Ford will provide “Ford Pro FinSimple” financing to larger clients who want to develop charging hardware infrastructure for their companies.

Ford is simultaneously releasing its new charging stations and financing plan as it begins selling its 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro electric pickup trucks and E-Transit electric vans this spring.

What‘s next for Ford stock

By adopting more standardized EV designs, Ford appears to address the “chicken and egg” problem in electric cars. The worry is that EVs won’t sell until there is enough charging infrastructure. Or at least enough chargers to ensure that they won’t run out of juice. The difficulty grows when businesses are unwilling to develop large charging networks until they’re confident they’ll have enough EV clients to turn a profit.

Ford’s solution

Ford will produce both the voltage converters and the electric cars simultaneously and market them to the same clients. To ensure that both parts of the equation are correct, Ford Pro intends to “sit down with our customers to learn their business and how they plan to use their electric vehicles. Furthermore, they plan to help customers plan their charging infrastructure. Thus, allowing them to get the most out of their EV purchases.

It makes sense. And judging Ford’s stock jumping up yesterday, many investors seem to agree.

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